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Nickelodeon Press Meet

Nickelodeon kick-starts its annual Career Series in Chennai with the Young Astronauts Programme

The sun, moon, planets, stars... all sprang to life in Chennai today, as Nickelodeon announced its annual Career Series, this year being, the Young Astronauts Programme.

To bring the space experience to life; on 12th & 13th February at Chennai CityCentre, kids will see Discovery Domes, the one-of-a-kind mobile planetariums, which is part of the outreach program of the NASA Magnetospheric Multi-scale Mission (MMS)! Chennai kids will get an awesome 3D experience of the greatest astronomical films along with their favourite Nicktoon Dora The Explorer! The exclusive shows will cover exciting & educational content like asteroids, the black hole and mysteries of the universe to name a few. All in all, the kid’s are sure to have a blast this weekend!

Said Nina Elavia Jaipuria, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Nickelodeon India, “Nickelodeon is all about breaking rules and making new ones! We at Nickelodeon are proud to pioneer the Career Series that will inspire kids to follow their passion and live their dreams. With this launch, our endeavour is to give kids what’s good for them and introduce them to new and exciting career options - so if Space studies are on their minds then NASA is where we will take them.”

Ms. Asha Sundararajan of Discovery Dome India, an esteemed academic personality from the field of Space Sciences, certified by NASA, was present for the Young Astronauts Program with a view of spreading knowledge about Space Science as a career choice.

Adds Ms. Asha Sundararajan, “Nickelodeon’s Young Astronauts Programme is truly living up to the goal of inspiring India’s future. With space sciences as a budding career path for kid’s world over, this is the ideal way of giving a boost to India’s aspiring astronauts of tomorrow. Giving kids the chance to go to NASA is a phenomenal opportunity – It’s my pleasure to contribute to this project and direct my expertise & knowledge to brightening up the dreams of children all over India. I’m sure that we’ll be seeing a lot of astronauts from India in the near future.”

The Young Astronauts Program is an ideal platform for kids to pursue their true passions for Space Science, as it gives them the strength to reach for the stars. This out-of-the-world initiative aims to get the smartest kids in India to compete with each other where the best kids get their ultimate ticket to their dreams: a once-in-a-lifetime chance to visit NASA! To participate, kids have to log on to www.nickindia.com and write their statement of purpose of 150 words on ‘I want to be an astronaut because …’ Based on their entries, Nickelodeon will have an expert panel of judges who will go through every entry to pick the best set of kids to go for a space programme at NASA. With this fantastic initiative, Nickelodeon India is truly giving wings to the dreams of kids all across the country, and gifting them the opportunity to become a happier, livelier generation of future leaders.

About Nickelodeon India: Nickelodeon, India’s leading kids brand and a part of Viacom18, is available in over 34.20 million households in the country. It is a 24-hour pay channel in Hindi, with the option of English, Tamil and Telugu audio feed on DTH. With an approach that puts ‘kids first’, Nickelodeon takes pride in encouraging kids to be themselves – funny, messy and free-spirited. Being true to its philosophy of connecting with kids wherever they are, Nickelodeon gives kids a complete multi platform brand experience. The touchpoints range from on ground interactions, digital innovation and consumer products to name a few. Nickelodeon has today become the preferred comedy destination for kids in India, with shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, Ninja Hattori, Perman, Mighty Cat Masked Niyandar, Oggy and the Cockroaches and Chibi Maruko Chan amongst many others. Believing that ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’ go hand-in-hand at a young age, Nickelodeon offers ‘edu-taining’ shows like Dora the Explorer and Go Diego Go amongst others in its pre-school block – Nick Jr. Given its ‘award-winning’, ‘well-researched’ and ‘safe’ shows, it’s no surprise that Nickelodeon enjoys equal support from the parents as well. Outside India, Nickelodeon is the world's number-one entertainment brand dedicated to kids and is viewed in more than 202.3 million households in 170 territories across the world including countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Latin America, Europe, CIS/Baltic Republics and the US, making it the most widely distributed television channel in the world.

About Discovery Domes: The development of the mobile planetariums or ‘Discovery Domes’ were funded in part by the NASA MMS Mission. DiscoveryDome e-Planetarium was founded by Dr. Patricia Reiff, Professor of Astrophysics at Rice University, TX, and Director of the Rice Space Institute, with funding from NASA. The company was formed as a way to market shows, software and planetarium technology created by the Immersive Earth project. DiscoveryDome has over 110 installations in 27 countries, and is the leader in immersive environments for learning earth and space sciences. DiscoveryDome is represented in India by HatTrick EdVentures Pvt. Ltd., founded by Ms. Asha Sundararajan, an educator by passion and profession. Ms. Sundararajan has a MA in Education from Teachers College Columbia University, and her focus is on developing and delivering applied-technology curricula to children aged 4-12. She also operates the Mumbai franchise of Children’s Technology Workshop, with an emphasis on Robotics. The HTEV team is passionate about teaching children technological concepts through hands on activities. They operate seasonal camps, Workshop Clubs, in-school programs and special events, to educate thousands of children every year.

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