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Chennai City Mayor Mr. Subramanian lighting the 6ft Mega Agarbathi

Cycle Pure Agarbathies, India’s leading agarbathi brand, rolled out its ‘Pray for India’ campaign for the World Cup 2011 starting this month. In order to wish best of luck 6 ft Mega Agarbathi was lit by Mr. Subramanian, Chennai City Mayor. Pray for India campaign is a platform for ardent cricket lovers across the country to pray for the Indian cricket team to win the World Cup. The on-ground campaign will roll out in 100 cities of the country with a Cycle ‘Pray for India’ branded mobile van. The van has started moving through the city stopping at important places and asking passersby to come up on the van and write their prayers. A sample pack of Agarbathies was distributed to pray for the Indian team.

As part of the campaign, Cycle Pure Agarbathies has created a new Television commercial. The commercial denotes people from various walks of life having only one hope – that India should win the World Cup this year. Cycle Pure Agarbathies, therefore, is carrying the hope and prayers of the entire Indian population. The commercial will be played on the days before the India matches.

On the social networking platform Facebook, the ‘Pray for India’ campaign will be run through the company’s page called Bhagwaan Hai. Brand Cycle stands for hope and unwavering optimism - the grand essentials of human life. The thought of Bhagwaan Hai takes the idea of ‘God’ out of the puja rooms to the large canvas of our daily life. The Bhagwaan Hai page will drive the 100-city campaign online with regular updates, weekly contests and gifts for fans and cricket lovers across the country.

Cycle Pure Agarbathies is a brand that values tradition, prayers and hope. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Arjun Ranga, Managing Partner, NR Group, (Makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies) said, “Collective prayers of a nation is said to lead to meaningful action and involvement. Through the ‘Pray for India’ campaign, we aim to get the entire country together on a common platform of praying for the Indian cricket team.”

About Cycle Pure Agarbathies

‘Cycle Pure Agarbathies’ is manufactured by the Mysore-based NR Group. It is the leading agarbathi brand in India and is exported to more than 50 countries. ‘Cycle Pure Agarbathies’ has an array of offerings in the premium category under various sub brands such as Three-in-One, Lia Rhythm, Woods and Bansuri.

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